23 June 2014, Brisbane. Bullant Logistics have implemented Navigator with Vocollect Voice at their distribution centre in Yenora, NSW.

Bullant provide third-party logistics services for companies in a diverse range of industries, including giftware and automotive. Bullant engaged with RFBS to deliver a solution which would streamline their entire operation, from customer order import, order picking, through to general warehouse tasks including receiving, put away and replenishment. But where the real gains were to be made is in the picking process.

Prior to the implementation of Navigator, Bullant ran an in-house solution for warehouse management, which produced paper pickslips. In addition to picking orders, a series of manual quality checks was performed to ensure accurate deliveries. Customers dealing with Myer and David Jones required the use of an EDI solution which required the use of a separate "scan pack" application.

The Solution

RFBS worked with Bullant to implement the Navigator WMS solution. With the benefit of mobile data entry for every transaction, workers are no longer tied up entering data into a computer system. Perhaps the most important benefit is that staff at the 3PL and their customers are able to trust the inventory information they receive.

Workers use a mobile computer to receive stock against pre-loaded purchase orders, with stock assigned to bulk pallet numbers at the receiving area. Pallets are put away using an intelligent process which sees bulk pallets located as close as possible to the picking location for the item.

With real-time inventory, the replenishment process has transformed from reactive to proactive. The replenishment supervisor can now see in real-time which bins require replenishment and how urgent the task is, allowing him to prioritise his work. Pickers no longer have to wait for a forklift driver to run a replenishment before they can complete their task.

Order Picking

Navigator's voice-directed order picking system was installed to allow pickers to pick and pack stock without one hand tied to a scanner or clipboard. Crucially, the system allows each picker to work on up to four orders in a single walk through the warehouse, reducing walking time by up to 50%.

Prior to picking, Navigator produces a customer-compliant SSCC label which is placed on a waiting carton. As each item is picked, Navigator updates the manifest for each carton, which allows an ASN (Advanced Ship Notification) to be sent to the retailer without needing to scan each item a second time.

Pickers hear the next bin location over a headset and confirm they are picking the correct item by speaking a 'check digit' - the last three numbers of the item's barcode. If the correct check digit is spoken, the system tells the picker how many items are required, and which SSCC label requires the item. This process results in an extremely high level of accuracy - avoiding the need for a "double-check" before despatch.


As shipments at despatch, Navigator records the dimensions and weight for each carton, automatically forwarding this information to SmartFreight, which produces a carrier-compliant label. This process ensures that accurately goods are not accidentally shipped to an incorrect address.